Frequently asked questions and answers

In order to register and gain the right to use the system, you need to contact your club or sports center manager.
The manager will enroll you and assign you a username and password with which you can use the system.
You can change the assigned access data after logging in.

In case of any problems with logging in to the system and your account, please contact your club manager.
The Club Manager will troubleshoot your account or give you information about why you can't access it.

If you notice any problem or system error, please contact us at with a description of the error.
If you are able to send us a more detailed description of the error, it would allow us to resolve the issue as soon as possible to the mutual satisfaction and improve the Sportbooking system

Your suggestions, as well as your opinion, are very important to us for improving the Sportbooking system and we thank you in advance for them.
All compliments are also important to us and we thank you for them.
All suggestions and compliments can be sent to or submitted in writing to your club manager who will forward them to us.
We will consider your opinions in order to in order to improve the functionality of the system !

Please contact us at to get in touch with us and to enable you to work on the Sportbooking system.

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3.5.020 (25/11/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.019 (01/06/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.018 (01/06/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.017 (17/05/2022) - Minor improvements
3.5.016 (06/05/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.015 (28/04/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.014 (28/04/2022) - Some system functions have been improved, Correction of minor errors
3.5.013 (23/04/2022) - UI improvements and changes, Bug fixes
3.5.012 (22/04/2022) - The system is available in English
3.5.011 (20/04/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.010 (19/04/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.009 (14/04/2022) - Minor improvements and Bug fixes
3.5.008 (12/04/2022) - System optimization, Updated Albanian translation
3.5.007 (12/04/2022) - System optimization
3.5.006 (05/04/2022) - Improved design of the mobile version, Bug fixes
3.5.005 (01/04/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.004 (28/03/2022) - Minor improvements and Bug fixes, manual activation and deactivation of members
3.5.003 (24/03/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.002 (23/03/2022) - Bug fixes
3.5.001 (22/03/2022) - NEW : Cashier - performs charging and reservation of the courts, payment of membership fees and advances
- Improved menus on desktop and mobile versions
- Improved desktop and mobile version design
- Some system functions have been improved
- Correction of system errors
- Improved design of court reservation tables
- Improved Legend display
- Improved calendar
- New menus added : Fiscalization by days and Review by cancellations, most other menus have undergone cosmetic changes and improvements
- System adapted for printing all types of reports
3.4.006 (30/12/2021) - Bug fixes
3.4.005 (16/12/2021) - Minor improvements and Bug fixes
3.4.004 (14/12/2021) - Some system functions have been improved, Correction of minor errors
3.4.003 (11/12/2021) - Minor user interface improvements and Bug fixes
3.4.002 (10/12/2021) - Minor improvements and Bug fixes
3.4.001 (05/12/2021) - NEW FUNCTION : Quick overview by name, User interface improvements, Bug fixes, improved design of the mobile version
3.3.008 (23/11/2021) - Minor user interface improvements
3.3.007 (21/11/2021) - Minor improvements and Bug fixes
3.3.006 (14/11/2021) - Minor improvements and Bug fixes
3.3.005 (13/11/2021) - Minor improvements
3.3.004 (11/11/2021) - Updated German translation
3.3.003 (09/11/2021) - For Users: Upgraded Menu - Help, Correction of minor errors
3.3.002 (08/11/2021) - Correction of minor errors
3.3.001 (04/11/2021) - The system is available in German, minor user interface improvements, correction of minor errors, improved design of the mobile version
3.2.004 (17/10/2021) - For Users : Minor improvements in Account balance and Review by booking
3.2.003 (05/10/2021) - Upgraded Menu - Personal information and Password change, Correction of minor errors
3.2.002 (03/10/2021) - Improved Login to the System
3.2.001 (30/09/2021) - Improved System Security, improved menus on the mobile version, improved design of the mobile version, some system functions have been improved, correction of minor errors
3.1.016 (22/09/2021) - User interface changes (menu and login), Correction of minor errors
3.1.015 (22/09/2021) - UI improvements and changes
3.1.014 (22/09/2021) - User interface improvements, Correction of minor errors
3.1.013 (20/09/2021) - Minor user interface improvements
Last updated : 25.11.2022

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