Automatic lighting system
The system is intended for centers that have lighting on the fields and want to control it without direct access to the switches. The advantages of the lighting control system are as follows:

- the possibility of turning on and off the lighting for one pole, court or all courts at once
- automatic turning on of reserved times in case of insufficient light for playing
- manual turning on of lighting via computer, tablet or mobile phone
- in case the following the appointment is not reserved, the system automatically turns off the light
- control of the state of the lighting on the fields (whether it is on or not) from anywhere you are with the possibility of turning the lighting on and off
- the system is compatible and connected to the reservation system appointments and payment of appointments
- the number of lighting fixtures per field is not limited
- the lighting power per individual post or field is not limited
- the system does not require special maintenance
- expansion and extension of lighting points per individual field and center is not limited

Very short delivery and assembly time at the customer center.

The system was completely developed and tested by the company C.S.H. d.o.o. Vinkovci.
Maintenance provided.

In case of additional questions or product offer, please contact us via contact form.

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